UPDATE: City of Caldwell says mayoral run-off election will move forward

Posted at 11:26 AM, Nov 09, 2021
and last updated 2021-11-10 17:28:35-05

CALDWELL, Idaho — The Caldwell City Clerk and City Attorney have determined the run-off election for Caldwell Mayor must go on despite John McGee's request to withdraw.

In a press release Wednesday, the city announced there is no clear mechanism for the Clerk to cancel the run-off election or withdraw McGee's name from the ballot.

McGee posted on Facebook after the announcement that he will not be actively participating in the run-off election.

"Councilman Wagoner ran a great race and received nearly 50% of the vote," McGee said in a press release he posted to Facebook. "The people of Caldwell have spoken and I believe that they would like Mr.Wagoner to be their next Mayor."

McGee went on to say it was in Caldwell's best interest to avoid a costly runoff election and that Mayor Nancolas agreed with his decision.

"I'm grateful for Councilman McGee's humbleness and desire to put the people of Caldwell first," Nancolas said in McGee's press release posted to Facebook.

After working with the City of Caldwell for 24 years, Mayor Garrett Nancolas announced he would not seek re-election, leaving the citizens of Caldwell with the responsibility of electing their new mayor.

The November 2 election was a five-way race between Jorge D. Arancivia, Nicole Hyland, John McGee, Chris Trakel and Jarom Wagoner.

Wagoner led the race on November 2 with 47% of the votes but did not receive the required 50% to elect him mayor. McGee finished in second place with 22.4% of the votes.