It’s time to “Raise the Ruff” at the West Valley Humane Society

Dozens of dogs will need temporary loving homes while kennels get new roofs at the West Valley Humane Society
Posted at 4:16 PM, Aug 25, 2023

CALDWELL, Idaho — It’s time to “Raise the Ruff” at the West Valley Humane Society.

The West Valley Humane Society is getting some roof renovations for their kennels. While the construction is taking place, dozens of dogs will be displaced for months, and need some help from the community to stay in a temporary loving home.

“The reason we are doing this is because we have canvas roofs on all of our dog holding areas,” says Jennifer Adkins, the Executive Director for West Valley Humane Society.

The white canvas roofs will soon be more safe, soundproof, and climate-controlled like other brick-and-mortar sections of the humane society.

“So overall, it’s going to offer a lot better living conditions for the dogs in our care,” said Adkins.

Before the roofing improvements can start in mid-September, our community can help by temporarily taking the dogs into their homes.

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“The project will begin September 15 or 16, around that date is the tentative start date we have been given, and then renovations will be finished, hopefully, by June of 2024. So it’s going to be about a 9-month commitment,” says Adkins.

While adopting is ideal, fostering a dog during this time of need will help to make the renovations safely.

Those who choose to give their time and space by fostering a dog during the period of construction will be offered financial support from the Humane Society.

“We provide all of the supplies that a foster dog will need, such as food, bedding, toys and treats, those types of things,” says Adkins.

With an in-house veterinarian, any medical needs will be taken care of.

“We are flexible, so if you get a dog and it’s not a good fit, we can find a different dog for you to foster. If you fall in love, you are more than welcome to adopt the dog that you are fostering,” says Adkins.

If you are interested in fostering one of these dogs, you can fill out an application on the West Valley Humane Society website.

If you want to help but are unable to donate money or open up your home to an animal, the West Valley Humane Society always welcomes volunteers at the shelter.