ITD: Some Idaho highways closed, not safe for travel

Posted at 2:34 PM, Feb 26, 2019
and last updated 2019-02-26 16:34:47-05

BOISE — Idaho has been pounded since early February with a series of winter storms, bringing heavy snowfall to the region. That has caused hazardous driving conditions and several road closures during the last month. Due to the severity of weather, some road closures are estimated to last several days.

“Across the state -- and especially in eastern Idaho -- heavy snows coupled with high winds are creating low visibility and massive snow drifts,” said ITD Chief Deputy Scott Stokes. “We close roads when the traveling public and our ITD crews are in jeopardy."

“It is super important that people do not drive past closures. If a road is closed, that means it is completely impassable and unsafe for travel,” he added.

ITD is shifting equipment and staffing resources around the state to re-open the roads as quickly as possible. ITD has requested help from the Idaho Office of Emergency Management for additional equipment to help clear these routes.

There are currently a number of road closures across the state:

ID-21: Closed from Idaho City to Lowman

ID-21: Closed from Grandjean Junction to Banner Summit

ID-33: Closed from Victor to Wyoming State Line (avalanche control)

ID-34: Soda Springs to Wyoming State Line

ID-47: Closed from Ashton to Bear Gulch

ID-75: Closed from Ketchum to Stanley (avalanche at Galena Summit)

ID-87: Complete closure

US-20: Closed from Carey to Arco

US-20: Closed from Ashton to Montana State Line likely closed for several days

I-15: Closed from Dubois to Montana State Line

ITD recommends that no one should travel in these areas, as local roads are also impacted by continuous stormy conditions.

(photo courtesy: Idaho Transportation Dept.)