Interstate, Connector striping starts June 1st

Posted at 11:24 AM, May 31, 2016
and last updated 2016-05-31 13:24:48-04

The annual project to reapply roadway striping to Interstate 84 and Interstate 184 (The Connector) begins Wednesday, June 1 at the Utah state line and proceeds west, according to the Idaho Transportation Department.

“Repainting roadway markings improves safety along roadways by helping drivers identify and stay in their lanes, which is especially important in low-visibility conditions,” said ITD spokesman Nathan Jerke.

Drivers should watch for the slow-moving mobile operation, which includes several vehicles. Flashing signs of the upcoming procession will alert and direct drivers around the work vehicles, officials said.

Drivers are encouraged to slow down and pay attention while driving in the area of the striping operations.

Crews will begin working at the Utah state line and should reach Glenns Ferry by June 6th. “This work will be completed primarily during daylight hours,” Jerke stated.

Beginning June 7th, the striping work continues west from Glenns Ferry to the Blacks Creek Rest Area east of Boise, and west of Caldwell from Franklin Road to Black Canyon Road, with daytime striping. These sections should be complete by June 9th, he added.

Striping of I-84 and I-184 within the urban limits of Boise, and west to Caldwell, will be completed at night. The work will begin no sooner than June 10th and will take about four nights to complete.

“Because driving through freshly-striped areas can cause paint to be thrown onto a car and compromise the quality of the striping, drivers are reminded to stay in their lane of travel. Damage that occurs due to a failure to comply with advisory signs is considered the responsibility of the driver,” Jerke said.

The striping work includes sweeping roadway debris and striping all ramps and rest areas . The striping work will skip over areas of highway that are currently under construction or will be repaved and striped later this summer.

Interstate Barricades, of Layton, Utah, is the contractor for the $599,000 project.

Weather and other non-scheduled events may delay the work, officials said.