Interfaith Sanctuary advocates for COVID-19 vaccinations through music video

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Posted at 9:07 PM, Oct 05, 2021
and last updated 2021-10-06 08:29:33-04

BOISE, Idaho  — Interfaith Sanctuary is encouraging COVID-19 vaccinations through music.

On Monday, the Boise-based shelter released a music video called ‘I Got the Shot’. Jodi Peterson-Stigers, Executive Director of Interfaith, said the music and lyrics were produced by David Poe.

“I basically wrote him an email and I said, 'Look. This is how it feels where I live, where I work, and would you be able to write a song and inspire more people to get vaccinated because it’s not going too good in our state,'” Peterson-Stigers said.

The song was emailed to Peterson-Stigers and the team worked on producing a music video by having some of their guests and community members participate.

“When the vaccine became real and you can get it if you were willing to and you had all the right information, the minute you got that shot, it was so liberating. The world just felt safer. That’s kind of what this video is trying to show. That the shot creates safety for yourself, for your community,” Peterson-Stigers explained.

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About two weeks ago, the shelter saw a spike in COVID cases among guests. Stigers said more than 20 people were housed at their COVID-19 hotel shelter.

“We never ever had to take care of that number of positive cases and the deal with the unvaccinated, they are far sicker than the vaccinated,” Peterson-Stigers said.

Peterson-Stigers said the hotel has about five guests currently and the shelter has resources to prepare for another surge. They hope the message of getting vaccinated will resonate with the community.

“I think it shows that with the joy and the faces of all the participants,” she said.