Injured Boise Police Officer Returns Home

Posted at 6:45 PM, Mar 08, 2017
and last updated 2017-03-09 00:18:43-05

At the Boise Airport, cheers and applause erupted as Corporal Kevin Holtry made it back to the City of Trees. A welcome which brought the military veteran and Boise Police Officer to tears, many calling him a hero, but he says he was just doing his job. 

"I was tasked with something that day like a lot of guys were and I was just unfortunate to be on the receiving end of just an evil person," said Cpl. Kevin Holtry at the Boise Airport.

On November 11th, Cpl. Holtry, another officer, and a police K9 were injured in a shootout with a wanted man on the Boise Bench. The other officer was released from a local hospital, and the police dog, Jardo, passed away days later. Cpl. Holtry was shot multiple times and underwent life-saving surgery. He lost a leg and was paralyzed from the waist down.

 "I think the main thing is for him to show people care and haven't forgotten, and it's just Boise that's what it is," said local resident Rod Ables who came to the Boise Airport to Welcome Cpl. Holtry home. 

For the past three months, Cpl. Holtry has been receiving treatment and rehabilitation at a Colorado hospital specializing in spinal cord injuries. He says he's seen some good and bad days on the road to recovery. He says he is looking forward to putting on the uniform again.

 "I'm still a father, right? I still have two daughters I still have... I got a lot to do I still have to be a cop," said Cpl. Holtry.  

Cpl. Holtry will continue his recovery here in the City of Trees. Chief Bill Bones says no matter what, he will always be a brother in blue.

"He is always part of our department, he is always going to be a Boise Police Officer,"  said Chief Bill Bones of the Boise Police Department. "He is part of who we are and he is going to be helping us take the department forward into the future."