Indulge Boise showcases culinary arts

Posted at 7:58 AM, May 11, 2018

"We get quite a few people who are visiting Idaho and Boise for the first time you know again, they think about potatoes. They think that it's cold here," said Angela Taylor, Indulge Boise.

"Before they sign on that dotted line and purchase that house, they want to know what the culinary scene is like, the art and the culture scene is like here in Boise. We're able to do that on our tour."

Taylor is able to convey her love for her home state with her business, Indulge Boise. 

"I'd been away for about 20 years after I was born and raised in Mountain Home and every stop along the way, New York City to Minneapolis, D.C. I always was able to share what I loved about Idaho with my friends and colleagues and explain that we're more than potatoes, that we aren't Iowa, that we aren't the Midwest and so when I came back I was looking for a way to connect and reconnect with Idaho and also just share it with locals and visitors alike and so the experiences that I have that are really rich and robust are around music or food or just connecting with friends," Taylor explained. 

Taylor thought a culinary tour would be a perfect way to talk about the culture, history, architecture, and culinary arts right here in the Treasure Valley. 

Taylor offers food tours lasting anywhere between two and three hours with four to eights stops along the way.
"It's a lot of food. Each of the chefs or the owners will come over and talk to our guests and give you a little bit of a VIP experience." 

Taylor says her favorite part of Indulge Boise is connecting locals and visitors with the amazing story that's taking place.

"It's around the people. I think that the guests that we have on the tours and getting to find out about their stories, whether they've lived here in the Treasure Valley their entire lives or they're visiting from Australia, or Africa, or the East Coast."