Independent film, Re/Collection filmed in Boise

Sun Valley script award winner films in Boise
Posted at 5:53 PM, Oct 17, 2016
and last updated 2016-10-18 05:48:56-04

Filmmaking in Idaho isn't too common but for the out of state creators of a sci-fi short film, they feel right at home.

 "Because of the support, the community support and people like stepping up for us and they don't even know us," said Debra Correa, Director/Co-Director of Re/Collection.

The filmmakers say its refreshing people are so willing to help out.

"It's so easy filming here which I think is incredible. When we were with our actors on Wednesday, we were just going and asking if we could film and they were so receptive to it," said Eva Konstantopoulos, Writer/Co-Director of Re/Collection.

Re/collection is an independent film that takes place in a world where memories can be sold as commodities. A husband has to go to a memory shop to find the perfect memory to save his wife and Boise's locations have been perfect for the story.

 "Even though it's near future, sci-fi, it has this, we've been able to create this slightly dystopian vibe with our locations like Jerry's Deli that I know closed down six months ago. That was our memory shop so we set up this whole new world in there," said Correa.

Debra and Eva say local businesses have even supplied them with props for the set.

While the film-makers aren't from the gem state, most of the crew is from Idaho and several members are even Boise state students.

Debra says there's something even more unique about this crew.

"Something that completely different than the stereotypical set is, we have a female majority crew," said Correa.

These ladies said don't been surprised to see even more productions in Boise in the future.

"This community just seems really jazzed and excited to create and in Boise, it's very artistic and that's something that we're really receptive to and it's just a nice feeling to be around such, that, such creative energy like that," said Konstantopoulos.

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