Improvements from Nampa health conditions assessment heading to Twin Falls

Improvements from Nampa health conditions assessment
Posted at 4:59 PM, Jan 27, 2019
and last updated 2019-01-27 19:48:50-05

NAMPA  — "A lot of people talk about how your zip code can be more predictive of your health, which is true," said community health manager for St. Luke's Jean Mutchie.

A Nampa health conditions assessment focuses on collecting data, called the 7 dimensions of health, to see the social factors that impact a person's well-being.

"Physical health is just one thing, your social health, spiritual health, environmental health all go into this recipe of what makes you, you," said data collector at Vitruvian Planning Chris Danley.

Beyond that, it attempts to go neighborhood to neighborhood to see what varies.

"We knew in north Nampa based on the data that there was a food desert, so people did not have access that was walk-able to a grocery store," said Mutchie.

This data led to several community partners, including St. Luke's and Saint Alphonsus creating a grocery store shuttle exactly a year ago. Something which riders now depend on.

"Well when it first began, we would ride around all day the routes to have a headcount," said rider Ida Jean Anderson.

The shuttle helps this area's health in multiple ways, including both access to healthy foods and socialization.

"Everybody's gotten to know everybody and we just kind of like family, its our own little special family, we all check up on each other make sure everybody's doing okay," said rider Marilyn Hendricks.

These improvements are just the start.

"We would also like to see one during the week," said Anderson.

The data highlights both the strengths and weaknesses of overall health and is continuing to expand to other parts of the state.