Illegal fireworks may have started Nampa house fire

Posted at 5:25 AM, Jul 05, 2016
and last updated 2016-07-05 07:25:07-04

The Nampa Fire Marshal says it is likely illegal fireworks sparked a fire that destroyed a home near the corner of Lake Lowell and Midland early Tuesday morning.

A man and woman were asleep inside the home when the fire started.  The woman says she heard strange noises and smelled smoke before the fire alarms went off.  They called 911 and made it out of the home.

Firefighters say witnesses report illegal fireworks being shot off in the neighborhood about 15-30 minutes before this fire started and those fireworks likely played a role.

“This is just an extreme safety concern for us.  We’ve had multiple field fires throughout the night, tree fires, mattress fires, debris fires and, so, I just can’t stress how easily that these fires can take off on you,” said Nampa Fire Marshal Phil Roberts.  “We can only say that you’ve got to be safe, use proper tools, water, extinguishers, hoses to manage fireworks.  The location is key as well.  It’s obvious we can’t tell you when and where in this case.  It’s definitely a concern through the Valley this year at least.  This probably won’t be the last we hear from fireworks in the state and in the Treasure Valley for a while.”