"If You Give A Child A Book" gives books to young readers in Nampa

Posted at 6:03 PM, Apr 14, 2023

NAMPA, Idaho — Kids at Endeavor Elementary School in Nampa love to read, especially about the popular book character Dog Man, which is why they were excited to find out that every child would each be leaving school with a copy of the newest entry in the Dog Man series.

The donation of the Dog Man books was provided by the Scripps Howard Foundation's "If You Give A Child A Book" campaign, a project aimed at getting books to children in underserved areas.

According to Principal Heather Yarbrough, "Giving them the power to read and the power to think and the power to then contribute as authors is one of our greatest privileges, but also one of our hardest tasks."

Getting kids excited about reading can be hard, but with a book series like Dog Man, it can be even harder to find a copy to read at all.

"You'll see books that are in our library that are just worn because kids check them out again and again and again", says Yarbrough. "Dogman is one of those series that's one of the most popular books right now, so to have that brand new Dogman book in every single kid's hands, and they get to take it home and not have to return it, they're going to be just ecstatic!"

The campaign makes a real difference, not just to the teachers, but to the children as well.

"It feels good that people have the kindness in their hearts to donate stuff to us and the kids so they can read a new book every day," said Dominick Gonzalez, a fifth grader at Endeavor Elementary, after receiving his new book.