IDHW: Treasure Valley, full state is 'really close' to activating Crisis Standards of Care

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Posted at 5:25 PM, Sep 07, 2021

Hospitals in the Treasure Valley are reaching capacity limits and staff are stretched thin. Department of Health and Welfare (IDHW) officials say the Treasure Valley hospitals are "really close" to activating Crisis Standards of Care.

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“It's hard to say exactly when we would tip over and hospitals would request that we move to Crisis Standards of Care in the Treasure Valley, but that is a distinct possibility particularly given the current trend of cases that we see,” IDHW Director Dave Jeppesen said.

Health officials say across the Treasure Valley and the state, every week a new record is set for new cases and the number of people in the ICU.

North Idaho is the first area ever in the state to activate Crisis Standards of Care. Although health officials say hospitals in the Treasure Valley are close to the activation of the plan, IDHW also says it can be prevented.


“We do have tools at our disposal to prevent us from getting there. If more people get vaccinated, if more people do more mitigation measures we can then slow people going into hospitals and avoid that in the first place and quickly get our hospital that is in Crisis Standards of Care out,” Administrator of Public Health Elke Shaw-Tulloch said.

If the Treasure Valley does activate Crisis Standards of Care — then you can expect a different level of care if you need it.

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“That would mean longer wait times to get into the hospital, being seen in non-traditional places such as hallways or conference rooms. Wherever there is space in the hospital or even outside of the hospital,” Jeppesen said. “I would encourage all of us to just be a little more careful. Wear your seatbelt, take medications as prescribed, reconsider high-risk activities that could land you in the hospital because that is where we are in terms of hospital capacity at this point.”

In Northern Idaho, Crisis Standards of Care will remain in effect until there are enough resources to provide the normal standard of care to all patients who may need it.

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