IDFG: 300 white-tailed deer reported dead from hemorrhagic disease

Idaho Fish and Game
Posted at 7:22 PM, Aug 18, 2021

Idaho Department of Fish and Game reported between 250-300 white-tailed deer have died from a hemorrhagic disease in the Kamiah area.

Department officials say additional tests are being done to determine the specific type of hemorrhagic disease that killed the deer, according to a news release from IDFG. The department is encouraging people to remove food and water sources that attract deer due to the potential of deer-to-deer transmission. Anyone who witnesses a deer showing symptoms, which can include lethargy and respiratory issues, is asked to report the deer or deer carcasses.

IDFG says officers are "stretched thin and are not able to keep up with all the reports of dead deer" and anyone who knows of someone with a dead deer on their property is asked to assist with removal. The deer can be taken to Simmons Sanitation for disposal at the expense of the department, according to the release.

Reports can be made at the Wildlife Health webpage.