Idaho's growing hop industry helping local brewers

Posted at 7:45 PM, Oct 19, 2017
and last updated 2017-10-19 21:45:39-04

No matter what your brew of choice, chances are there are hops in that beer.
And believe it or not, some people actually enjoy bitter beer face.
"Hops in modern brewing are key," said Jerry Larson, Founder of Mad Swede Brewing Company. 
And that is very true of Mad Swede Brewing.
"Virtually all beers these days have hops in them and are a key feature," said Larson.
Drink like a Viking. That's the motto at Mad Swede, but they also want their Vikings to drink local, and Idaho's budding and booming hop industry is making that easier and easier. 
"During the harvest season, it's awesome cause we just have the facility that very few other places have to be able to go out and two hours after picking put it in the beer. That sort of accessibility is super uncommon. It's fantastic," said Larson. 
While having fresh hops from the field is perfect for those fresh IPA's, the addition of Mill 95 hop processing facility is giving brewers access to new flavors.
"The hop industry is continually coming up with new varieties to introduce, new flavors to keep it interesting and dynamic, and I think interesting for the drinker also," said Larson. 
While Idaho has always been known as the potato state, brewers, farmers, and producers alike hope the growing hop scene in Idaho will translate to more beers that people love, and the craft beer scene will grow like the hops, bigger and better every year.
"I think it will if for no other reason than because we are becoming known as a hop manufacturer, and so where the hops are the beer should be, and the consumer will follow I hope," said Larson.