Idaho's future engineers show off their skills

Posted at 7:40 PM, Jan 20, 2018
and last updated 2018-01-20 21:45:16-05
Some future engineers from the Gem State are heading to a national engineering tournamentThe Future City Competition puts middle schoolers in the shoes of civil engineers, as they design the world of tomorrow, making models with everyday items. 
Its the 14th year for the competition, this year students had to design a city that's age-friendly to seniors, kids and everyone in between.
"It's important for these kids to understand that they're growing up into that and they can serve a role in that and help to orchestrate what their community looks like wherever they end up living," said Yuri Mereszczak of the Future City Committee
More than 30 teams from across the state competed in the regional tournament. 1st place went to Homedale Middle School's Future City Vetus Bona. Students Catherin Decker, Kambell Garrett, Eli Heck, Ryker Johnson, Belisa Larzelier, John Lejardi, Ryan Love, Bailey Purdon, Trenton Rocks, TeaUranaga, Allison Whitehead, and Elizabeth Whitehead, along with teacher Kim Portwood and mentor Don VanderBoegh will represent Idaho at the 26th National Future City Finals February 16-21 in Washington, D.C