Idaho's delegates weigh-in at DNC

Posted at 9:48 PM, Jul 25, 2016
and last updated 2016-07-26 01:23:26-04

The Democratic National Convention is underway in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.

“It is incredible, it is energizing, it is reaffirming to the work that we do not only at the state level, but being recognized nationally for our efforts," Chelsea Gaona-Lincoln, one of Idaho's 23 regular delegates at the Democratic National Convention, says.

Since the gavel fell Monday afternoon, Gaona-Lincoln says the crowd has been rambunctious.

"It seems to be the theme of the night that once they start talking about just Sec. Clinton without mentioning Sen. Sanders, the Bernie delegation decides to insert Bernie where maybe they feel he's being left out," she says.

Though Idaho's democratic voters overwhelmingly chose Sanders at the state caucus back in March, Gaona-lincoln tells Six on Your Side the delegates don't necessarily have to vote that way when it comes time to officially select the party's nomination.

"That'll probably be up to the delegation whether they do a proclamation or a roll-call vote because there's been difference in lots of opinions, but we'll have to wait and see what gets adopted and accepted as far as that goes," she says.

Though some at the convention are still divided on candidate choice, Gaona-Lincolin says most of the democrats she's spoken to are united when it comes to taking responsibility for and finding a remedy to  their national committee's current email scandal.

"Everyone's really disappointed,” she says. “I've heard that from both sides, not just the Senator Sanders side, but also the Hillary side. So, although we're looking ahead at what we need to do to change things and repair that damage that's already been done… people are really focused on we'd like to see a remedy to that and apologizing and accepting responsibility for that so that we can move forward together."