Idahoans weigh in on Boise Public Library plans

Posted at 11:44 PM, Jul 16, 2018
and last updated 2018-07-17 01:44:11-04

Architects have unveiled their designs on a new public library in downtown, and the public is invited to submit comments at a week-long open house series.

If the project is greenlit, the city hopes the Boise Public Library will now serve "as a gateway into Boise."

One of the biggest concerns of opponents, however, is the announcement that the historic reading and writing cabin may be moved.

"The cabin itself isn't at risk. It may have to be moved based on the design, but that's a conversation we're going to continue this week and into the future with the communities," said Library Director Kevin Booe.

David Klinger is standing outside of the cabin and open house with signs, in hopes that his opinion is heard. "It would be a sin to either lose the cabin or see it moved, because in our way of thinking, you don't move history off of historic places," said the Boise resident.

Booe tells us that program attendance in the main library has seen an increase of forty-two percent in the last five years. To accommodate this increase, the project would introduce a new main library, a shared events space, and an arts center that would have a gallery space and a history conservation lab.

Boise resident Curt Kelley thinks the plans present a wonderful opportunity for the city. "Libraries have evolved so much over the last few years-- they're not just a place for books-- they're also a meeting area for the community... people hang out there, reading books, doing computers, different activities."

The estimated eighty-five million dollar budget is expected to be financed by a combination of both public and private funds. Please visit to learn more.