Idahoans take to the streets in support of their political affiliations

Posted at 4:15 PM, Feb 29, 2020
and last updated 2020-02-29 20:47:15-05

BOISE, Idaho — Idahoans took to the streets in support of their political candidates and affiliations Saturday.

Idaho for Warren held their Get-Out-the-Vote Canvass Launch in the morning. Rep. Ilana Rubel joined the canvass launch, who is the minority leader in the House, and was a student of Elizabeth Warren at Harvard Law School.

"I first had her as a professor in 1995 when she was completely unheard of," said Rubel. "I had just come into Harvard University Law School and I didn't know what party she was, I didn't know if she was a Republican or a Democrat, I don't think anybody ever dreamed she was going to be in public office."

Rubel is not officially endorsing Warren, but is sharing her knowledge of knowing Warren for 25 years. Rubel has committed to not endorsing anyone in this race.

Liberals and conservatives also gathered at the Idaho State Capitol Building to rally for their political ideologies.

Supporters of Senator Bernie Sanders marched from the capitol building to Ann Morrison Park this morning. Four years ago, over 1,000 Idahoans marched through downtown Boise in a show of support for Sanders.

Festivities included food trucks, live music and speakers headlined by a member of Sanders' national staff. The march also included opportunities to volunteer for the Sanders campaign.

"We've got a big march for Bernie happening, it's called Boise Bernie Fest," said Justin Snyder, Co-Organizer of Boise Bernie Fest. "There'll be a small group of counter-protesters here and we welcome different voices to come and be heard here. We're not gonna engage in any negative way with those folks because, in order for democracy to work, you have to have multiple different points of view, so we're happy to have them here."

Sanders earned 78% of Idaho's vote in the 2016 Democratic Caucus.

Meanwhile, the counter-protesters gathered in opposition to the Boise Bernie Fest.

MAGA Girls, Idaho Chapter hosted the counter-protest, which had the goal of standing up against the Boise Bernie Fest and socialism.

Supporters brought American flags and Trump 2020 flags in protest of the Boise Bernie Fest.

"During World War II, a lot of brave men and women laid down life-and-limb, blood, sweat and tears to make sure that we would have our freedom," said Adrian, a representative of MAGA Girls, Idaho Chapter. "I don't want to see that democratically being voted away, and that's why I'm trying to bring awareness here in as peaceful and educational a way as possible."