Idahoans rally to state capital for gun rights

Posted at 9:14 PM, Feb 20, 2016
and last updated 2016-02-22 13:34:54-05
Hundreds of people paraded through the streets of Boise with all types of guns attached to hips and holsters, fully visible for the world to see.
"I'm here to let people know that I believe in my second amendment rights," explained Tom Row, a participant in the event.
The march through downtown was in an effort to show support for an open hearing on house bill 422, the closest version of permit less carry that has been proposed.
People from all over the state marched up the capital steps, hoping the show of support would be heard throughout the legislature, and the state. 
"We have to be in numbers. We have to show what we can to stick together," said Dale Kerr.
"I believe that we have to be seen, that people have to see us, that we are real. We are not just a figment of their imagination and these are rights that we believe in. This is what made America great," said Row.
For many in attendance, the issue is much bigger than just second amendment rights.
"I think there is somebody who has a sign here, without the second amendment, there is no protection of the rest of the nine amendments. It's very important that we have this," said Row. "If we don't protect all of our rights, we will lose them all. You cant give up any."
While the crowd drew attention from spectators, many wished more would have come out to show their support.
"I always wish for more, because I know there is more people out there that believe what we believe and want to stand for what we stand. For some reason they weren't here today. "I just think that everyone in Idaho needs to realize that the second amendment is what protects us from tyranny. Tyranny takes hold when the common man doesn't do anything about the small things. We need to protect all of our rights, every one of them," said Row. 
The bill is currently in the house ways and means committee. No word on whether or not the open hearing will be granted.