Idahoan aboard Diamond Princess gives coronavirus update

Posted at 4:07 PM, Feb 13, 2020
and last updated 2020-02-19 11:12:44-05

BUHL — Tim Pond, a Buhl resident, is on the Diamond Princess cruise, which is currently a floating quarantine off the coast of Japan, due to 218 positive coronavirus cases.

"I mean, of course, you're worried knowing that it's on the ship and not knowing how viral it is," said Tim Pond.

The letter Pond received Thursday morning says in part, the quarantine on Diamond Princess will continue. The letter also states 44 new positive test results. Those guests who test negative have the option of staying on-board or continuing their quarantine in a housing facility managed by the Japanese government. Guests who test positive are being sent to a medical facility ashore to continue the quarantine.

"I had a fever a couple of days ago, and they did a swab test, but I haven't heard back anything, so it must have been okay," said Pond.

Pond has tested negative for the virus and feels communication has been adequate though he did go a few days without his six daily medications since he only brought enough for the length of the cruise.

"[Diamond Princess] supplied all of it, they refilled it, and they did so at their expense, and it took them a few days to get it but considering they've been supplying it for over a thousand people I'm sure it took a few days to get that sorted out," said Pond.

More than 3,000 passengers and crew members are aboard waiting to dock after their 14 days of quarantine.

"Hopefully by the 19th [of February] they let us out," said Pond.

Tim feels okay, with no hint of fever in recent days, but he's ready to get back to his friends and family.

"Yeah, I think they're all pretty excited for me to get home," said Pond.