Idaho veterans receive much needed furniture from R.C. Willey

R.C. Willey donates furniture to Idaho veterans
Posted at 5:38 PM, Oct 10, 2016
and last updated 2016-10-10 22:00:52-04

The Idaho Veterans Garden has served as a refuge for local U.S. Veterans to help them cope. A chance discovery has led to a new way for the garden to help Treasure Valley Veterans. 

"And if it wasn't for Dan Pugmire, I wouldn't be sitting in this lift chair," said Bob Addington, U.S. Veteran.

Bob Addington served in the U.S. Navy for twelve years and he really needed that chair. His wife Alice, was having a tough time helping him get up and down.

 "Just like right now, I'm just about crying because this is the first time that anybody has ever helped me out like this," said Addington.

"This all started with a kid," said Danny Pugmire, Project Manager at the Idaho Veterans Garden.

Danny Pugmire, has made it his mission to help others. He is a veteran himself and knows the trials vets go through. Danny also mentors young students. One of those students had a brilliant idea. 

"We were going to R.C. Willey for some stuff and he says what are you guys doing with all that furniture and they said we're smashing it," said Pugmire.

Danny and the boy arranged for the furniture R.C. Willey was disposing of to be donated to local veterans like Bob.

"The response of the veterans when we give it to them, it's always the same. Tough guys have all got tears and its like, but it's emotional because they've all gone through a lot," said Pugmire.

Three weeks ago, Bob got his much needed lift chair and now he says he's hoping more vets get in on the action.

Danny isn’t finished helping Bob and Alice yet. He wants to arrange for volunteers to clean up their yard. If you would like to help, call Danny at, (208)713-3167 or email him at,

If you would like more information on the Idaho Veterans Garden head to their website