Idaho Transportation Board votes to replace damaged Cloverdale overpass

Posted at 1:47 PM, Jun 22, 2018
and last updated 2018-06-22 15:47:03-04

The Idaho Transportation Board has passed a resolution enabling ITD staff to design and construct a replacement bridge on Cloverdale Road over Interstate 84, the ITD announced Friday.

“The resolution dedicates $6- to $8-million for this project. The replacement bridge will include four travel lanes, standard shoulders, and pedestrian facilities to tie into Ada County Highway District's master plan for Cloverdale,” said ITD spokesman Jake Melder. “It will have a higher clearance over I-84 and be built to accommodate a future fifth lane expansion of the Interstate below.”

“Repairing the damage would have cost one to one-and-a-half million dollars,” said ITD Board Member Julie DeLorenzo. “That investment on an aged bridge that is inadequate for today's traffic and pedestrian needs is not a good use of taxpayer funds.”

The Cloverdale overpass is currently closed to traffic. 

A fatal crash last Saturday caused extensive damage to the bridge. It will remain closed for the safety of the traveling public until full repairs can be made, officials said.

“The Board's decision allows us to effectively respond to this emergency situation,” said ITD District 3 Engineer Amy Revis. “While I appreciate the Board's quick action and forward thinking, the circumstances that brought us to this point are tragic.”

ITD estimates this work will take twelve months to complete and reopen Cloverdale Road. 

Given the extended closure, the Department will present the plan to the ACHD Board of Commissioners next week for their concurrence before moving forward, Melder said.