Idaho to sell 'high-end' island in Payette Lake near McCall

Payette Lake
Posted at 11:10 AM, Jun 21, 2022
and last updated 2022-06-21 13:10:30-04

Idaho officials on Tuesday voted to sell at auction a 14-acre “high-end” island in Payette Lake near the vacation and second-home town of McCall in west-central Idaho.

Republican Gov. Brad Little and four other members of the Idaho Land Board voted 5-0 to reaffirm a previous board decision to sell the island, potentially this fall.

The island has five lots, with one leased. State officials plan to offer the lots individually or the island as a whole and take whichever brings in the most money.

The state constitution requires the Land Board to maximize financial return over the long term, benefitting mainly public schools. State land managers say the island is underperforming, and selling it is in the state’s best interest.

Officials said only two of the five lots are capable of having a septic system, limiting the value of three of the lots and likely making selling the entire island as a whole the best option.

Valley County commissioners opposed the sale and asked for more time so they could ask for donations so the county could buy the island. Commissioners also proposed a possible land swap for county land.

But the board moved ahead with the auction.