Idaho tech sector booms as Vroomcam -- a 360-degree virtual reality camera maker -- lands in Eagle

360-degree virtual reality company sets up shop
Posted at 3:42 PM, Nov 28, 2016
and last updated 2016-11-30 15:54:58-05

Vroomcam is a small Idahoan company with a big vision: a robotic 360-degree camera that is remotely controlled, self-stabilizing and capable of independent "follow me" navigation. 

Gonzalo de la Torre is CEO of Vroomcam, and he says he moved to Eagle from California after selling a different successful tech company.  He says his money goes farther here and Idaho itself is inspirational.

"The Idaho tech sector is absolutely booming," says Angela Hemingway of the Idaho STEM Action Center.  She says Idaho had tech sector growthof 6% last year, making the Gem State a leader in the nation. 

"We are showing the tech sector that we are committed to developing a strong and talented pipeline for them," says Hemingway, "so that they can come to Idaho, open their business, and move forward into the 21st Century." She says there are thousands of unfilled STEM jobs in Idaho, and Idaho also offers grants to students to train in dronology, robotics, hydropnics, irrigation, and 3D printers among other disciplines.

Vroomcam is introducing their technology at a tech conference next year.  Gonzalo de la Torre says their camera can open up even an ordinary experience to new understanding, and can also open up new worlds.

Our special segment with Vroomcam on the way up to Bogus Basin may be found here.