Hoverboard fires cause concern from fire marshal

Posted at 9:35 PM, Dec 17, 2015
and last updated 2015-12-17 23:35:40-05

It’s one of 2015’s hottest gifts for Christmas but hoverboards have been getting heat for randomly catching on fire in malls and homes.

The hugely popular toy uses lithium ion batteries which if improperly charged can be explosive.

The batteries are highly efficient and can hold power for a long time if charged properly, however, the hoverboard craze is largely unregulated and consumers may not be aware they are purchasing a cheap knock-off.

When the batteries overheat, become overcharged or are hooked up into electronics improperly, their core temperatures can spike resulting in a fire.

The threat is real enough that the Idaho State Fire Marshal has issued a warning.

“Boy howdy! They're pretty dangerous.  Never charge them overnight or unattended. This time of year, we don't want a tragedy during the holiday season," State Fire Marshal Knute Sandahl explained.

Sandahl even went as far to recommend charging the hoverboard away from your home or even placing it on a grill in case it catches on fire.

If you do happen to purchase a faulty hoverboard and it begins to burn don’t use water to put it out, use a fire extinguish to smother the fire caused by the battery.