Idaho primary gains national attention

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Posted at 3:00 AM, May 20, 2022
and last updated 2022-05-20 08:13:22-04

IDAHO — Tuesday's Primary Election gained national attention, in part because political analysts looked to our state as a test of how successful far-right candidates could be with voters.

Here in Idaho, we saw a mix of wins for more traditional Republican candidates and for candidates that lean further to the right.

Many far-right candidates campaigned in part on culture war issues like critical race theory.

"Maybe these issues fire up a certain subset of voters, but in order to win a mandate from the people and actually really win elections, maybe those issues don't fire up quite as many people as they thought," said Charles Hunt, a political science professor at Boise State University.

Our primary also helped show how far an endorsement from former President Trump will go, with the GOP primary for Governor, which featured current Governor Brad Little against current Lieutenant Governor, Janice McGeachin, who Trump had endorsed.

Nationally, we've seen some Trump endorsed candidates winning their primary and others, like McGeachin, not winning, showing that this endorsement doesn't guarantee a win.