Idaho Power proposes community solar project

Posted at 4:40 PM, Jul 13, 2016
and last updated 2016-07-13 18:40:12-04

Idaho Power is working to expand its use of solar power for those who can't put solar panels on their home or businesses. The company is proposing to build a 500 kilowatt community solar project in southeast Boise.

Idaho Power is working to get the project approved through the State Public Utilities Commission. The company wants to build it near a substation near Amity and Holcomb Roads, near Columbia Village. Officials say it would cost $1.16 million to build and $82,000 to connect. 

The pilot program would allow over one-thousand residential customers and almost 500 non-residential customers to harness energy from the sun, Idaho Power company officials said.

Customers would be able buy one or more subscriptions for a one time fee of $740. Customers would receive credit for their use, said Idaho Power spokesman Brad Boland.

While officials agree the upfront cost may be expensive for some, it could be cheaper if we get plenty of sun

"A subscription will put out about 55 kilowatt hours a month on average," said Idaho Power program specialist Patti Best. "More in the summer, less in the winter. We have those nice, long, sunny days in the summer, so we expect a little more help with them."

If approved by the PUC, Idaho Power plans to build the solar array next June.

Interested customers can visit to learn more about the project.