Idaho Operation Lifesaver conducts railroad crossing safety public awareness campaign

Posted at 3:13 PM, Oct 04, 2018
and last updated 2018-10-04 17:13:18-04

Idaho Operation Lifesaver started in 1972 to raise awareness because there were so many collisions at railroad crossings, numbers continue to drop, however, there were five deaths in Idaho last year and one so far this year.

So Idaho Operation Lifesaver teamed up with the Idaho State Police to remind drivers that they need to stop at crossings when the red light is flashing and drivers can hear the sound of the train.

“About everywhere three hours we have an incident between a motorist and a train in the United States," said Travis Campbell. "These accidents are very preventable and that is why we are out here today to remind drivers to watch out."

The cop on a train program puts an officer onboard who coordinates with police on the streets to catch motorists who blow through crossings while the red lights are flashing.

“We will give out between one hundred and fifty moving violations," said Campbell."

When 6 on Your Side rode along we saw several vehicles blowing through the railroad crossing and the officers responded pulling over some of those drivers.

The point is to raise awareness so the accidents don't happen because a car will never beat a train in a car vs. train collision.

“No, if you race the train and you tie you definitely lose," said Campbell.