Idaho officials certify general election results

Posted at 4:23 PM, Nov 28, 2022

IDAHO — A few weeks following the general election, statewide results have officially been certified according to the Secretary of State’s Office.

Idaho has 1,048,263 registered voters and only about 56% of them voted in the general election.

“There's always less turnout in midterm elections than presidential elections. People tend to vote for the president at higher rates,” Boise State Assistant Professor of Political Science Charlie Hunt said. “Usually the more high-profile races you have on the ballot, the more turnout there's going to be across the board.”

Counties with the highest voter turnout were Camas with 69.0%, Boundary with 67.4% and Adams with 67.1%.

“It's Idaho. We’re a pretty red state and after the primary, which had some more competitive contests, you had a lot of contests statewide as well as in the state legislature that was maybe not forgone conclusions but there was not a big shocker as to who won,” Hunt said.

Madison County had the lowest turnout with about 38.6% of registered voters casting ballots this election.

“State and county election officials and workers are to be commended for their dedication and objectivity in conducting another successful Idaho election,” said Secretary Lawrence Denney. “Other states could learn a lot about clean, fair, and accurate elections by looking to Idaho.”

Official election results will soon be available here.