Idaho nonprofit aims to save family pets from euthanasia

Posted at 9:26 PM, Oct 07, 2017
and last updated 2017-10-08 00:15:57-04

Even with just three legs, 15-month-old Cooper is completely healthy today. 

Anna Alexander found Cooper in rural eastern Idaho as a puppy. The dog was obviously injured with no one around to help.

"His left front leg was almost not attached anymore," Alexander said. "The vet said he was shot by a shotgun."

Alexander already had a dog at home, but her veterinarian would only agree to operate if she adopted Cooper. Alexander couldn't say no. 

Like many people, Alexander didn't have the cash on hand to cover the surgery to remove Cooper's leg. A procedure that could cost upward of $1,300. 

"People at the vet said, hey, we know of this organization that's just starting up and they're here to help people with unexpected vet bills," Alexander said.

That was the first time Alexander had heard of FurFam, a nonprofit started by Brady Moon and Matt Bloxham, Pocatello residents who saw a big gap in the nonprofit world when it comes to caring for pets.

"To us, it seems kind of crazy that, for someone who's a family member, you should have to put that pet down when it can just be a simple procedure," Bloxham said. 

The organization combines crowd funding with personal contributions so pet owners can create their own emergency funds.

"When they use the fund, they use our crowdfunding platform, and they try to help regenerate the money so the next person that needs help can receive the same care," Moon said. 

Bloxham and Moon utilize Twitter, Facebook and Instagram to raise awareness about their organization. For a small donation, pet lovers can have their fur baby featured on the organization's social media outlets. 

The overall goal, to keep more happy, now healthy, pets like Cooper from being put down.

"Anything can happen, accidents, illness," Alexander said. "It's fantastic that there's somebody out there to help you with those things because [your pets are] your family."