Idaho National Guard reassures family members after violent Turkey coup

Posted at 10:10 PM, Jul 18, 2016
and last updated 2016-07-19 04:52:02-04
The Idaho National Guard is trying to reassure family members that the violent coup attempt in Turkey did not adversely affect any of their members, just a few months after 200 Idaho Guard members departed for a secret destination.
The Guard still won't say where it's pilots planes and ground crew were deployed to in April, but they want family members to know they are safe.
"All of our personnel are present and accounted for and they're safe and performing their duties in an outstanding manner," said Major Chris Borders of the Idaho National Guard. 
On Your Side received an email from a relative of one of the deployed saying the guard members are at the Incirlik Air Force Base in Turkey who's Turkish Commander and 11 Turkish soldiers were arrested.
She called it a very tense situation for all involved. 
Those claims could not be independently verified, but Major Borders said wherever the troops are, they are prepared for the unexpected. 
"Any significant event that occurs in an area has the potential to affect our operations, but currently, those personnel are continuing to do their duties as they have since their arrival there," said Major Borders.
There are 1,500 U.S troops at Incirlik Air Force Base, which lost power during the coup attempt according to the state department.
The AP reports U.S air operations laid low during the unrest, avoiding the rogue F-16's who buzzed nearby cities. 
The pentagon said normal operation have since resumed.
There are 2,200 U.S troops in Turkey altogether, most of them at the Incirlik Air Force Base, and let's face it, if the revolt had succeeded, the stability of those U.S troops could be vastly different.