Idaho missing toddler case gains national attention

Posted at 6:22 PM, Jul 01, 2016
and last updated 2016-07-01 20:28:08-04

The disappearance of DeOrr Kunz is getting national recognition with his photo appearing on the cover of People magazine Friday.

His parents, interviewed in the article, say they're still frustrated with having the finger pointed at them.

Retired Nampa Police Department homicide investigator and supervisor of the child abduction response team, Victor Rodriguez, thinks someone out there knows more about DeOrr's disappearance than they're saying.

"It's up to the parents and the family that know the information, that know exactly what happened to come forth," Rodriguez said. "However, if it was an accident are they afraid to come forward."

During an interview back in March, DeOrr's parents denied having anything to do with the Idaho Falls toddler's disappearance.

"He was left with a trusted adult and I when I came back, my son was gone," said (Vernal) DeOrr Kunz Sr.

They still thought there was a chance he was alive.

"If someone has him," said Jessica Mitchell, his mother. "I want them to know that we're not giving up."

However, local law enforcement and private investigators are currently on the search for DeOrr's body in the Leadore campground area where he was last seen. Along with help from a cadaver dog, they've narrowed down two locations for further examination

The home where DeOrr lived with his mother was also searched recently.

Private Investigator Philip Klein says they were able to pass along several pieces of evidence to local law enforcement and the FBI.

Klein says they have ruled out the possibility that the toddler was kidnapped or taken by an animal.

"I know how emotionally charged this case is," Klein said. "And I've just go to be honest with the people of Idaho, when we first started investigating this case I and three of my other investigators were adamant it was an accident."