Idaho marijuana laws discussed at forum

Idaho marijuana discussion in Boise
Posted at 10:46 PM, May 17, 2017
and last updated 2017-05-18 00:46:34-04

Should marijuana be legal in Idaho?
And if so, should it be recreational?
Those were the questions discussed at a special panel discussion in Boise.
The discussion starts with a thumbs up from the Chamber of Commerce of Huntington, Oregon where pot is legal.

"Having a booming town instead of a disappearing town is awesome.  More poeple are employed and it brought jobs into the area.  And people are spending money in town at other businesses."
States where pot is legal have experienced a tax boon from the drug.
And that can be a powerful draw.
But Idaho State Police point out, it comes with a price.

"Just overall, law enforcement hasn't seen positive things come out of marijuana, specifically recreational use."
Says Captain Bill Gardiner.
And he adds that legalization doesn't stop the black market
"The black market from other states has resulted pot coming into Idaho in not ounces but pounds"
Wayne Hoffman with the Idaho Freedom Foundation says there is a middle ground... medicinal use only.

"I just love telling people about my friends and family members who are struggling and have found some hope and help in pot.  And they're not potheads, just people like you and me."
The Idaho Medical Marijuana Association is petitioning for a medical marijuana initiative on the 2018 ballot.
It needs 47 thousand signatures and is barely halfway there.
But proponents say the fact that people are seriously talking about the issue is a sign that Idaho is interested in at least listening to other points of view.
Six On Your Side will continue the discussion about marijuana in Idaho next Monday night at 7 on our Facebook page.
Our Marissa Morrison will host a roundtable discussion with experts from all sides.
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