Idaho lawmakers head to Oregon as standoff ends

Posted at 5:26 PM, Feb 11, 2016
and last updated 2016-02-12 09:21:41-05

Representatives from Idaho stood on the front lines in Oregon and watched David Fry exit the wildlife refuge peacefully after forty one days of occupation.

Representative Heather Scott from Blanchard and Representative Judy Boyle of Midvale say they are part of the Coalition of Western States which is a group that describes themselves as, “50 legislators, elected delegates and grassroots leaders predominantly in the Western United States dedicated to stopping Government overreach.”

“We're here because we have citizens in the refuge from Idaho and so did the Nevada folks. They had one citizen we had to citizens from Riggins, Idaho and that's why we’re here to stand between them and the federal government," Rep. Heather Scott explained.

Rep. Scott was critical of the how both sides handled the occupation and believes that neither side upheld promises.

“They’ve lied to us,” Rep. Scott said.

“When you give your word, that's your bond whether you're the feds or the state or a citizen," Rep. Judy Boyle furthered.

"We the states have created our federal government and we need to, we are the parents and they are the child, it's they are not our parents and we need to start acting like sovereign states to see more incidents like this," Rep. Scott explained.

Both Idaho lawmakers were critical of the fatal shooting of Lavoy Finicum and believe someone needs to be held responsible.

“I've watched the video numerous times. When somebody comes up and shoot somebody in the back when they've already been shot numerous times that's a killing,” Rep. Boyle said. "I hope Congress investigates this entire thing and how the federal government behaved and that's congresses job. That's the check and balance of our federal government."

"I think a full investigation is warranted we need to see all the evidence and I'm sure there's more and I'm hoping there is more that will come out,” Rep. Scott said.