Idaho lawmakers confirm new tax commissioner

Idaho lawmakers confirm new tax commissioner
Posted at 1:32 PM, Feb 15, 2018

Idaho lawmakers have confirmed a new member to the state tax commission despite raising concerns her marriage to an influential lawmaker may be a conflict of interest.

The Senate confirmed Janet Moyle on Thursday to the Idaho State Tax Commission in a voice vote. An unknown small number of senators voted nay.

Janet Moyle is married to House Majority Leader Mike Moyle, a 10-term Republican from Star.

Earlier this year, lawmakers grilled Janet Moyle during her confirmation hearing about her ability to remain objective. Lawmakers said they were concerned how she would implement tax policy when her husband has been a powerful leader in changing tax law inside the Statehouse.

Janet Moyle countered she spent 17 years protecting taxpayer information when she worked as a county tax appraiser, adding that she is a strong person and does not base her decisions on her husband's opinions