Idaho LAUNCH education grants to cover 80% of tuition costs to future CWI students

Governor Brad Little speaking at CWI in Nampa about LAUNCH grants
Welding tour at CWI Nampa
Posted at 5:06 PM, Sep 21, 2023

NAMPA, Idaho — With the rising cost of higher education, Idaho officials are working to make college more accessible. The LAUNCH program will cover almost all of tuition costs to help educate Idahoans. One of those school is the College Western Idaho.

"If I were still in high school, looking at this program, I think that it would be a very eye opening experience," says Alden Fisher, a CWI student.

That's why Idaho LAUNCH is expanding to help high school seniors take the next step in their careers, without the huge financial burden.

“Coming out of high school, I wasn’t super college bound. But coming [to CWI] has shown me it's a good process to go through,” says Fisher.

The program's goal is to help future Idaho college students take advantage of getting an education in those fields in need of more professionals, without having to leave their home state.

“I want to stay in Idaho. [I was] born and raised in Idaho, I like that. So it was easy for me and convenient,” Cale Schubert, Current CWI Automotive Student.

Some of those Idaho careers in high demand include automotive technology, fire fighting and EMT, nursing, and HVAC. All of which offer plenty of job opportunities across the state.

“That’s the nice thing about the trade side of schooling compared to others, you can just delve right into that and everybody’s always looking for some trade workers,” says Fisher.

As for the launch program itself, residents starting school fall 2024 would be able to sign up and begin taking advantage of the program themselves.

To qualify, students must:
• Be a graduate (class of 2024) from an Idaho high school, home school, or GED
• Be an Idaho resident
• Be enrolled in or have applied to an eligible Idaho institution
• Begin enrollment by Fall semester after graduation
• Complete a Career Pathway Plan at

If you are already enrolled or done with school, you can encourage the next generation to apply.

“I do have a little sibling so maybe he could benefit from it, if he goes to CWI,” says Schubert.

Optimism for the program is already high with state officials anticipating as many as 10,000 students will receive the 80% tuition deal.

“We already know that over 125 individuals have signed up at to get notified when that application opens, so if nothing else you can do that to learn more,” says CWI President Gordon Jones.

The application for everybody opens October 3rd.

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