Fish and Game picks grizzly bear hunter

Only one grizzly permit awarded
Fish and Game picks grizzly bear hunter
Posted at 1:23 PM, Jul 21, 2018
and last updated 2018-07-21 18:45:06-04

The Idaho Department of Fish and Game has completed a drawing and selected the one winning applicant who will be allowed to hunt a grizzly bear in Idaho this fall,

Fish and Game officials say the Ada County resident was selected Thursday and has been notified. The agency under state law can't release the person's name unless the person gives permission.

The agency says it received 1,272 applications, limited to Idaho residents, for the one grizzly bear hunting tag Idaho is allowed to offer this year.

 Idaho's grizzly bear hunting season runs from Sept. 1 through Nov. 15.

  Idaho officials in May approved a limited hunting season for grizzly bears in eastern Idaho just a year after the animals were removed from the Endangered Species List.