Idaho GOP calls Dems billboard complaint invalid

Idaho GOP calls Dems billboard complaint invalid
Posted at 1:16 PM, Feb 18, 2016
and last updated 2016-02-19 10:12:01-05

After the Idaho Democratic Party called billboards advertising the March 8th primary election both “misleading and untruthful,” the Idaho Republican Party is pushing back.

A statement sent out by the Idaho GOP called the Idaho Democrats as suffering from a case of "buyer’s remorse.”

“When the legislature approved March 8th, an already existing election date, for a presidential primary date, all political parties were given a choice whether to use the new election and the benefits of doing so, or not to. Both the Idaho Republican Party and the Constitution Party chose to participate in March 8 primary. Democrats chose not to. Yet somehow, now the Democrats feel entitled to the benefits of participating without actually participating,” the Idaho GOP wrote.

The letter goes on to say that Idaho Democrats chose to continue their “exclusive” closed caucus to select a nominee.

“Primary elections, like the one on March 8, are elections run by the state that come with the features that allow the most access to Idahoans, including early and absentee voting,” the statement continued.

"The Democrats complaint is invalid, untruthful, and nothing more than a shallow attempt to mislead voters and advertise their caucus -- an event that very few know about and even fewer will participate in,” Idaho GOP Chairman Steve Yates wrote. “If they were serious about their complaint, serious about wanting a clear process for voters, or serious about being inclusive they would have joined the other political parties and switched to the presidential primary. They didn't. Now it's time for them to stop complaining about their decision and own it."

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