Idaho Entrepreneur Challenge finalists compete Thursday

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Posted at 5:59 PM, Apr 06, 2022
and last updated 2022-04-06 19:59:18-04

Students from around the state will compete for cash tomorrow in the Idaho Entrepreneur Challengehosted by Boise State University. The statewide college competition will test young entrepreneurs looking to break into the start-up businesses world.

Starting your own business can be stressful, but Dharma Doctor created by Boise State masters student, Brad Mosell, looks to keep you calm.

“Dharma Doctor is a wellness technology company and our first product is called Tabs that put the power of bilateral stimulation in your pocket and reduces symptoms of stress in 30 seconds or less,” Mosell said.

The idea was born and inspired by personal experiences in Mosell’s life, starting with something called EMDR therapy.

“EMDR was discovered by Dr. Franice Shapiro in 1987 and what she discovered was that if you manually stimulate the left and right sides of the body through visual, auditory, or tactile stimulation, you can disengage the fight or flight reflex,” Mosell said.

So he developed the first product of Dharma Doctor, Tabs, which he's presenting at this year’s Idaho Entrepreneur Challenge hosted by Boise State.


“You open it up and you have these cool little pods. So, they vibrate and they alternate vibrate. So I can change the speed so now they are going to go a little bit faster. I can also change the intensity so that its a little bit more mild,” Mosell said. “If you're holding them in your hands, it's really hard to be anywhere else. It immediately grounds you. That bilateral stimulation actually changes your brain chemistry and the way your process things. You will feel a reduction of stress and anxiety in less than 30 seconds."

The Idaho Entrepreneur Challenge is a project-based competition in the College of Innovation and Design.

According to Boise State, 24 finalists will compete Thursday for a chance at the top cash prize, which he says will help with manufacturing costs and getting the product to the public.