Idaho Diaper Bank needs your donations

Posted at 8:53 PM, Nov 28, 2017
and last updated 2017-11-28 22:53:31-05

The charitable season is here.

While Black Friday is the biggest shopping day of the year Giving Tuesday is the most charitable day of the year.
 many nonprofits across the nation are trying to raise money for their causes.
 In the Gem State, the Idaho diaper bank teamed up with the Meridian food bank for a virtual diaper drive.

Idaho Diaper Bank founder Shawna Walz said one in three families struggle to provide diapers for their loved ones.

"It's hard to imagine a baby sitting in a diaper all day and not having the diapers that they need," Walz said.

But it happens, diapers are expensive and can cost over $100 a month per child.

"Often times we say that diaper need is a silent crisis," Walz added.

According to the Idaho Diaper Bank, when money is tight many families have to choose between diapers or food.
The local non-profit is trying to change that.

"The virtual diaper drive is a way for any organization or individual in the community to help the Idaho Diaper Bank raise the money we need to help individuals in need."

In just three years the nonprofit group has handed out over a million diapers to local families.
Walz said although they have filled in the gap their work isn't over yet.

"We are always in need of size 5 or 6 diapers," She said.

Walz added if you want to make a donation money is the best route to go.

"For every dollar donated 98 percent is used towards supply," Walz said. "We are able to buy in bulk. We can buy 6 or 7 times amount of diapers."

The bank runs on volunteers and it partners with 40 other groups across the state.  
When you think of diapers it's not just babies the elderly need them too and find it embarrassing to ask for help.

"So they will forgo going outside or being social," Walz said.

The Idaho Diaper Bank is hoping on this Giving Tuesday the Treasure Valley gives to them.

If you want to give to the diaper bank, there are ten drop-off sites across the Treasure Valley set up until Monday.
Here is a complete list of drop off sites.