Idaho Department of Labor warns of scam involving unemployment insurance claims

4 things you should never text or email
Posted at 12:10 PM, Jun 14, 2021

BOISE, Idaho — The Idaho Department of Labor (IDOL) is warning people of a text messaging scam involving unemployment insurance claims. Individual personal information has been compromised, hacked or breached in a nationwide scam involving phony texts about unemployment insurance.

The labor unemployment insurance system has not been hacked and there has not been a data breach, according to a news release. IDOL says it does not communicate with claimants via text message right now.

If you receive a text with a link about unemployment insurance, disregard the text and do not click the link. A person has obtained or stolen your phone number and is most likely using it to access unemployment benefits and steal your personal information, according to IDOL.

The text says your Idaho unemployment insurance claim is on hold for verification in instructs you to click on a link to reactivate your benefits. IDOL says to delete the text immediately.

If you received this text and clicked the link, call an unemployment insurance claim specialist at 208-332-8942 for further instruction. You can also alert the department by filling out a form on the IDOL website.