Idaho Crisis Hotline sees increase in callers due to Coronavirus concerns

Posted at 11:54 AM, Apr 10, 2020
and last updated 2020-04-10 13:54:11-04

IDAHO — A crisis hot line based in Idaho has been seeing an increase in callers voicing concerns about how they are going to make it through a pandemic. Since the beginning of March The Crisis Hotline Idaho has seen the amount of callers go up by 46%. Tammy Davis, the Executive Director for the Crisis Hot Line, says most of the callers worry about how hey are going to make it financially.

The Crisis Hotline is a non-profit hot line based in Idaho that has offered 24 hour services for the past 33 years. Recently they have decided to extended their services and added several Spanish speaking volunteers to the team.

Crisis Hotline has also accommodated their program called "My Life Matters" which is an outreach and educational program for kids wile they are in school. With in person classes not being held, they decided to make some changes to that program and created family packages to be able to help families through this time. The packages include games and activities to help kids stay active and off their phones.

“If we could help save 20 families. Or this weekend 30 families and make a difference and everyday make a difference in some of these families lives, it could help make a difference in helping with the impacts in law enforcement or medical services and that’s the bottom line.” Davis said.

To speak with someone at The Crisis Hotline and check out the services they offer visit their website.