Idaho couple hopes to beat the odds with conjoined twins

Posted at 8:39 PM, Nov 02, 2016
and last updated 2016-11-03 00:44:38-04
An Eastern Idaho family is about to grow in an unusual way.
Chelsea and Nick Torres are not only expecting twins, they are expecting conjoined twins, and they say they will do just about anything to bring their girls home happy and healthy. 
"We're scared, nervous, happy, excited. It's a lot," said Nick Torres. 
They've decided to name the two girls Callie and Carter. They have separate hearts but share a set of legs and a bladder.
Doctors gave the couple the option to terminate the pregnancy, but Chelsea said that's something she just couldn't do.
"I waited three days and it just wasn't sticking,  so I said ok, I have to keep them," said Chelsea.
Because the pregnancy is so high risk, the couple picked up and moved to Houston in an RV and are under the care of a specialist.
They said moving across the country has been hard, but the choice was easy to make.
"I mean it was for our children so it's like were the type of parents who we would do anything for our child," said Nick.
While the couple thought about separating the girls, they said they will focus on deciding that after they are born. 
As long as they come out healthy, and they're alive, and we can take them home, that's all we want to do with them right now," said Chelsea.
With the bills mounting already, Nick has taken a job at the Dollar Store in Houston to help provide for his family.
The costs are likely to be astronomical. If you would like to help just head to theirGoFundme page