Couple charged over infant's broken leg, wrist

Posted at 11:23 AM, Jan 26, 2016
and last updated 2016-01-26 13:23:39-05

BURLEY, Idaho (AP) -- Prosecutors have charged an Idaho couple after doctors said they broke a 5-month-old's leg and wrist.

The Times-News reports that a 19-year-old woman took the baby boy to a Salt Lake City hospital on Jan. 14 and said she dropped him on the linoleum kitchen floor.

Center for Safe and Healthy Families' medical director asked to meet with Cassia County Sheriff detectives on Jan. 15. She said the boy's injuries appeared consistent with child abuse and not accidental injury.

The woman told police she was at a 36-year-old man's resident when she dropped the child while reaching down for his pacifier.

Police have charged both the woman and the man with battery and injury to a child. The charges say they either inflicted the injuries or permitted the child to suffer while in their care.