Idaho City fights through epic February snowfall

Posted at 2:46 PM, Mar 03, 2019
and last updated 2019-03-04 12:32:22-05

IDAHO CITY — A historic February of snow has put the Boise River basin at 128 percent of the snow water equivalent for the entire winter, creating good news for farmers and outdoor recreationalists who will be able to enjoy full reservoirs and rivers this summer.

However, Idaho City certainly felt the effects from all the snow that caused a lot of problems for the mountain town.

"It's been a nightmare," said Doug Pottinger of Seasons Restaurant. "There has been a lot of sickness up here and the kids have missed as much school as they can miss."

School was canceled for eight straight days and a lot of the kids helped out by clearing the snow off the roofs of buildings as Idaho City received five to six feet of snow.

"It's the roofs, but it is also the cables. I figured there was a 75 percent chance that we were going to lose our power," said Pottinger. "It shut off a few times but, we didn't lose it... but any time you get a lot of snow you just have a lot of problems."

The community has rallied together to help each other out during the snow and now the road to Lowman is back open after being closed for a majority of February.

Idaho City invites people to come recreate and enjoy some food before the snow melts.

"We have a lot of different things that the people can do," said Pottinger. "They can go to the springs and when they are finished they can come out and eat at one of our many restaurants."