Idaho Attorney General Office Spokesman confirms investigators visited Council for Yantis case

"We encourage the public to be patient"
Posted at 5:02 PM, Jun 15, 2016
and last updated 2016-06-15 20:17:24-04

Idaho Attorney General Office Spokesman Todd Dvorak has confirmed that several investigators with the Criminal Division were in Council, Idaho on Monday, June 13th.

Although details are scarce, Dvorak did confirm that the visit was related to the Jack Yantis case.

The Idaho Attorney General and FBI are the main agencies investigating the circumstances surrounding the fatal shooting of Jack Yantis in 2015.

The Idaho State Police handed over their findings in March but did not disclose what they found.

Idahoans have continually asked the Attorney General why the investigation is taking so long, including a gathering at the Idaho Statehouse to confront employees about the case.

Dvorak wrote the following statement on the issue:

“This is a complex case and the investigative file turned over to the Attorney General in March by ISP was voluminous. From the start, the Attorney General has made this case a top priority of his Criminal Division. At the same time, the Attorney General has advised – repeatedly – that his investigators and prosecutors take their time in the review of the evidence. The Attorney General has said publically on numerous occasions that he wants his staff to be thorough, deliberate and careful in this review. There is only one opportunity to get justice right in this case. For that reason, no arbitrary timelines have been attached or shared with the public. We encourage the public to be patient a little longer.”

No word on when the findings will be released through the Attorney General’s Office.