Idaho Attorney General says highway districts responsible for clearing sidewalks of snow

Updated with Correction
Posted at 10:40 PM, Jan 25, 2017
and last updated 2017-01-26 12:49:51-05

Who ultimately is responsible for clearing snow from public sidewalks?

Idaho Attorney General Lawrence Wasden says it's up to the highway districts except on private property. 

A letter to John Gannon (D) Boise says highway districts maintain city city right of ways... including "without limitation: snow removal" since 2013.

"They do have a lot of issues with the roads and how much snow we've had you know I think we need to look into some alternative programs or something to get some of these sidewalks cleared up," said Delmar Williams, who was walking his niece and nephew from school. 

"They never ask for help," said Andrew Stromman, "they just say 'We're over budget so we're not gonna do nothing," said Andrew Stromman.

Mayor Bieter's office says they are weighing their options.

Please see correction below for ACHD's position on this story.


Six on Your Side made two calls to ACHD. We connected to one person whom was unavailable and unappraised of the story, and the other call no voicemail was left. ACHD has availed itself for interview and our full report will be on the shows.