Ice cream fundraiser helps the Idaho Food Bank fight hunger with empty bowls

Posted at 7:59 PM, Jul 15, 2018
and last updated 2018-07-15 21:59:16-04

Last year the Idaho Food Bank celebrated 20 years of the empty bowls program that attempts to end hunger in Idaho, the celebration spurred a new event, an ice cream social and it was such a big hit that they brought it back for the second year in a row.

You might recognize the empty bowl program, it is a fundraiser for the Idaho Food Bank that happens on Black Friday, people donate and paint ceramic bowls, then people can by those bowls and enjoy soup, the ice cream social is the same idea just with ice cream.

"For me, it’s the engagement with the community and it’s something to get out and you can bring your family to," said Christine Dwello of the food bank. "Coming to a community event and providing funds to feed hungry Idahoans means a lot to us.”

But this is a team effort with Dairy West providing the ice cream, while Big Al's in the Village of Meridian provides the venues and delicious toppings like chocolate and sprinkles, other volunteers and of course this event wouldn't be successful without the community.

“We enjoy getting out and helping the community and this is just one way to do it," said Courtney Smith, who bought four bowls. "It’s amazing with what a little bit we can do helps so much," added his wife Cindy Smith.

Each bowl sells for ten dollars and that is enough to create 50 meals for people who need food, before working at Big Al's Martha Serrato had her own concerns when it came to finding food for her children, she said the Idaho Food Bank was there to help.

"We would have had to decide between paying our rent, our lights or feeding the kids and it was really tough for us," said Serrato. "The Idaho Food Bank and all the other food banks they are a great asset to our community and it really helps out.”

The ice cream social saw about more than double the turnout it had from last year and to see how families enjoyed a little ice cream for a good cause, check out the video.

For more information on the Idaho Food Bank here is a link to their website.