Hyde Park Street Fair is back after a two-year hiatus because of the pandemic

Posted at 2:20 PM, Sep 16, 2022
and last updated 2022-09-16 18:32:25-04

The Hyde Park Street Fair dates back to 1979 as this classic Boise event on the north end brings unique vendors, food and local music to Camel's Back Park for a weekend celebration.

The event helps the North End Neighborhood Association raise money to fund community projects and help local schools and after two years of having the event canceled because of the pandemic, the fair returns to one of Boise's most iconic parks.

"It’s kind of emotional I got up this morning and started crying, I couldn’t figure out why and then I though oh that’s right the fair starts today," said Carl Scheider, the event organizer who has been part of the fair for 22 years. "It's really nice to see the vendors because we missed them as well."

Martie Balmer makes lightweight cork bags in a sustainable way using as many materials as she can from the earth, we met her as she set up her Cork Designs booth at the fair.

"Every single piece is different because they all come out of my head and even if I try to do the same thing twice it is never the same," said Balmer. "The buttons are coconut shells, everything is hemp and cotton to keep it as close to the earth as I can."

Balmer works full-time as a hairdresser. After a friend gave her a cork wallet she looked for more, but couldn't find any. So she started this side hustle making her own and she's excited to show off her work at the Hyde Park Street Fair.

"This is my favorite venue, I don’t do any other venue," said Balmer. "This is what I do, so I’m thrilled that they are back and I’m really happy the fair is going again."

Scheider told us it has been more expensive this year to organize the fair because of all the changes over the past few years, including inflation, making it important for the community to show up and support the fair.

"With the changes in wages and prices everything has gone way up since 2019, we realize we had a couple of years off, but the world changed while we were gone," said Scheider. "It's going to be a tight one so come out, we need more people.

The fair starts Friday night and continues on Saturday from 10-9:30 and on Sunday from 10-6, here is a list of the bands who will play during the event.

Organizers tell us parking is limited around Camel's Back Park so if you can bike or walk they advise people to do that, but they do have handicap park available as well.