Hyde Park sees excess of water due to lack of storm drains

Posted at 10:19 PM, Jan 09, 2017
and last updated 2017-01-10 00:19:40-05
If you are in Boise in the Hyde Park area you may have noticed what looks like oceans of icy water on the streets.
"I actually just got splashed by a man driving his car through a puddle so, that was great," explained Alexandra Templeton, who is in town on work. "It's quite treacherous walking around."
For those who have businesses on 13th, they said they would be thrilled to clear off their storm drains, if they had any.
"I looked up on the Ada County (website) and this section, it looks like from Brumback all the way 5 blocks down there is no drains on this street," said Todd Martin, manager of Sun Ray Cafe.
The water has been building up on the roads, and for some making its way into their businesses. 
"We had a little bit of flooding in our kitchen here from the backup of the water. Last night we had flooding in the main area from just the amount of rain and stuff that was coming down," explained Martin.
With the lack of storm drains, they've had to get creative figuring out ways to make the water flow.
"Here at Sun Ray they were using a power washer to spray away all the compacted snow and ice to hopefully I think let this water flow to the storms drains," said Templeton.
"I knew it was going to be an issue so I had to get out here early," said Martin. "We pretty much worked all the way down to Harry's on the corner just to make the water flow."
They said they are doing their best to keep the water moving and they hope that others will also do their part. 
"Head on out there and just double check. Make sure your drains are clear," said Martin.